EXHIBITION: The Sun Sets Beneath the Ocean

Date & Time: 8:00 am March 11, 2023
- 8:00 am June 30, 2023

Photographer Solomon Mortimer and choreographic artist Zahra Killeen-Chance were artists in residence with their young daughter at Tylee Cottage in Whanganui from July – November, 2021. Their time in the town was in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and soon after the family arrived the country was placed into lockdown in August. This meant that a large amount of their time was spent in the confines of their new home, so the duo who have been making video and photographic works together since 2012, had the parameters of their project mapped out for them. Over the duration of the residency the cottage provided the back drop for an intimate photographic exploration of the spaces of the cottage and the family inhabiting it.

Image Credit: Solomon Mortimer, Tracing Pumice, 2021. Courtesy of the artist

Event Details
Date & Time: 8:00 am March 11, 2023 - 8:00 am June 30, 2023
This is a free event.
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