Yours Truly x

Date & Time: 8:00 am January 10, 2024
- 3:00 pm January 25, 2024

This exhibition is about identity. Thirty-one artists were invited to exhibit one work each. The work had to embody ‘their true self’; to reveal their point of difference, and to do so in a safe space.

The artist had to decide whether to look inward and examine themselves in a self-portrait or look outward at the way they view the world through their own creative lens. An exhibition sharing stories of youth, multi-culturalism, feminism, LGBTQI+ community, mental health journeys and environmental issues we face.

Personal. Reflective. Healing.

Yours Truly x

Jordan Barnes
Jana Branca
Maria Brockhill
Elliot Collins
Rachael Davies
Dwayne Duthie
Hayley Elliott-Kernot
Chauncey Flay
Jennifer Halli
Reyna Henderson
Gwyn Hughes
Mi Sun Kim
Mary MacGregor-Reid
Kirsty McLean
Harry Moores
Jodi Naik
Darcy Nicholas
Tania Miriama Niwa
Shannon Novak
Mikaela Nyman
Morgan Paige Taitoko
Isaac Petersen
Fern Petrie
Mark Alister Raymer
Sierra Roberts
Portia Roper
Maryanne Shearman
MB Stoneman
Rohan Wealleans
Renate Verbrugge
Event Details
Date & Time: 8:00 am January 10, 2024 - 3:00 pm January 25, 2024
This is a free event.
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