Cityscape by Guy Ngan


This impressive sculpture stretches 6 metres long. Cityscapes is located on the library wall by the George Street steps in Palmerston North.

Cityscape is made from cast aluminium. This process involves carving units in polystyrene which are then set in the refractory and cast. The pieces are assembled by careful interlocking and bolting together. On the library wall they have been mounted together on a structural support and back lit with LEDs, replacing the original light bulb fittings used interiorly.

Cityscape by sculptor Guy Ngan was originally made for the Eastern and Central Savings Bank for their premises in Broadway. When the building was sold, at 6 metres long, it was too big for the re-developed interior so was put into storage as an asset of the building owners, the Waldegrave family. It has now been generously donated to the City and is re-installed on the City Library wall next to the George Street steps.

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