Ghost Tower by Louise Purvis


Ghost Tower is a sculpture installed in 2014, standing 9.4 metres tall on the East side of The Square, Palmerston North

Created by New Zealand artist Louise Purvis, the tower itself sits on a frame that stands 3.5 metres high. It has a seat running along the side nearest the pavement and openings on two other sides, inviting people into the interior.

On the base sits another structure suggesting a small dwelling with familiar architectural features: doors, windows and roof lines. Above this is a slim tower which has, just below the peaked roof, a square and a circular form, referencing the faces of nearby clock towers. All structure above the base section is of stainless steel rods formed into frames, appearing as filigree against the trees and skyline. Depending on the light and the position of the bystander the tower seems to appear or to disappear.

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